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Swim in Box piscine container pas cher Belgique
The "ready-to-swim" container pool

Dreaming about swimming in fresh water when it’s hot outside? If the traditional swimming pool does not suit your envies because of its expensive price, because it’s not environmentally friendly or because of the long work period, don’t worry, we have the solution for you. The container pool. 


What is a container pool? This concept seduces by its simplicity and durability. The main idea is to recover a maritime container and to recycle it into a swimming pool. A luxury product that becomes affordable because a gravel bed only is enough for the installation. It is an ecological concept that uses mainly recycled materials, and that can be installed very quickly. It will adapt to your desires, to small and large spaces and can even be moved. Prices start at €19.200 excl. VAT for a 6m pool, €23.200 excl. VAT for a 9m pool and finally €26.800 excl. VAT for a 12m long pool. 

Swim in Box piscine container hors sol Swim-in-Box

Aboveground pool

Swim in Box Piscine container enterrée by Rubick's Boxes

In-ground swimming pool

Swim in Box Piscine container semi-enterrée by Rubick's Boxes

Semi-buried swimming pool

Swim in Box Picine container pas cher Belgique

Accommodations to please everyone!

The exterior can be dressed up with a choice of various colors and siding and can even be accommodated with portholes.


Then, it is up to you to complete it:

  • A counter-current swimming system?

  • An exotic wood deck?

  • A wooden staircase?

  • A thermal heating?


Swim in Box Piscine container pas cher Belgique
Swim in Box Piscine container pas cher Belgique

Having a pool in your garden has never been easier.

Durable and timeless, no need to wait any longer to treat yourself with the pool of your dreams.



The concept is environmentally friendly because of the reuse of end-of-lifecycle containers and the fact that no concrete slab has to be poured.


The metal casing is said to be 'last trip' but their steel frames offer shock, weather and corrosion resistance for long term use.


Double watertightness security due to the metal and hull.


Local, Belgian, manufacturing, with fast delivery and installation. 


There are several dimensions. Ranging from the classic 6 meters container to the large 12 meters long container.  There’s another option, unique in Europe: a 9 meters pool.


Trendy loft-style design, wood trim, various colors, etc. Underground, semi-underground or above ground configuration. The choice of tarpaulin or shutters also belongs to you.


Does not require a building permit.


A 10-years warranty is granted for the container pool.

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