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Our Vision

A cube in my garden, modular space!

Need additional living space, an extension to install an office, guest rooms, a relaxation room or a consultation area for your practice, etc.?

The "Cube Dans Mon Jardin" is a quick and easy way to respond to all these requirements and is available through Rubick's BOXES.


This designed, modular, mobile and durable space can evolve according to your needs and wishes.


This concept is original by its simplicity and speed of installation, but also by its modularity and scalability. The cube arrives at your home as a kit and is mounted wherever you want. It is also removable, transportable and re-mountable. Are you moving? It moves along with you. It does not require a building permit or access by truck. Everything goes through a single door!

Un Cube dans mon jardin - house extension

"Philosophy is a demand for concepts,

a concept adequate to its object"

Jean GreisCh

Customizable shipping containers Belgium & Europe

Maritime Containers

The modular space is a philosophy of life, the sea container fits in the concept of home. Aesthetic, ecological and economical at the same time, it offers many advantages and few disadvantages.


A concept as simple as the shape that defines it... it is adaptable, versatile and efficient.  Installed close to or further away from your house, the surfaces obtained enlarges your living area considerably.


Great design is a question of rationality, efficiency, implementation but above all simplicity .


  • House extension

  • Bed and breakfast

  • Relaxation area

  • Cabinet for a practice

  • Verandas

  • Orangery

  • A garden shack

  • Loft

  • Outdoor and indoor offices

  • ...


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