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A modular building as temporary solution

Are you looking for temporary accommodation after a disaster, commercial premises during construction work or storage space during a long trip? Rubick's BOXES offers a variety of solutions at an affordable price. Available for sale or lease with purchase option, our modular structures can be tailored to your needs. They are quick to build, easy to set up and require no foundations.

Converted sea container, glass cube, wooden hut, ... Together, we find the solution that meets your requirements for a defined period or for an indefinite duration. Choose the volume that suits you and the finishing touches that you like, we take care of everything. 

Rubick's-Boxes-hébergement-d'urgence-Container aménagé 4.jpg

Converted sea container

Rubick's-Boxes-hébergement-d'urgence-Local commercial 3.png

Glass cube


Wooden hut

« Home is where your heart is »

Rubick's-Boxes-hébergement-d'urgence-Inspi 8.jpg


  • Temporary or permanent

  • Customisable

  • Modular

  • No permit required (depending on the case)

  • Quick to set up

  • Without foundation (depending on the case)

  • Fully equipped

  • Affordable


  • Temporary accommodation

  • Alternative housing

  • Commercial premises

  • Retail kiosk 

  • Medical house

  • Office space

  • Classroom

  • Storage space


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