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cargotecture containers houses Belgium & Europe

Rubick's CONSTRUCT: construction philosophy

In full emergence of container architecture, also called 'cargotecture', Rubick's Construct is building the future by providing living spaces suitable for all types of functions. Whether they are complementary, temporary or adjusted to your brand image, we will give special importance to the aesthetics of your project.


Rubick's Construct offers architectural solutions in many areas. In addition, the construction method we use is innovative in terms of modularity and above all durability. These geometric boxes form the skeleton of our constructions, bearing the recycling of the waste of globalization in mind.

'MetaboliST architecture that responds to the laws of space and functional transformation'

Our designs are concieved based on your requirements and your budget.


One of the advantages of this type of architecture is the fact that it also corresponds to the areas in which budgetary restrictions are in place, such as:


  • Individual / collective dwellings

  • Alternative dwellings

  • Public / social buildings

  • House extensions

  • Office extensions

  • Dedicated areas in the catering industry

  • Emergency architecture

  • Temporary accommodation (hotels)

  • Etc.


This type of construction recalls the characteristics of the metabolist architecture from Japan in the 1960s. An architecture that responds to the laws of space and functional transformation.

house construction in containers Belgium & Europe









  • Private accommodation

  • Social housing

  • Community

  • Emergency housing

  • Real estate promotion

  • Services and offices

  • Hostellerie / Tourisme

  • Public health

Vous avez 5-10 minutes pour nous présenter votre problématique ou vos envies? Nous serions ravis de pouvoir en discuter de vive voix, ainsi nous pourrions vous aiguiller vers nos meilleures solutions pour répondre à vos besoins.


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